History of Rise Above The Disorder

At his lowest point, Jason Docton, Anxiety Gaming’s Founder, had reached 97 pounds and hadn’t left his apartment for 48 months. After years of hard work and
a troubled childhood, he succumbed to depression, anxiety and the agoraphobia which made it impossible for him to leave his apartment, resulting in him dropping out of his pre-med studies.

It was through gaming that a fellow player asked
Jason for his advice on how to deal with depression. Then another reached out, wanting to talk about the anxiety they were facing. Under the guise of avatars,
real people were talking candidly about the mental health issues that confronted them. Though plagued with thoughts of suicide, Jason told himself,“I should help people before I go through with this.”It turned out, lots of fellow gamers needed help. People would contact him and say “Well let’s talk more about it tomorrow,” and so he’d have to get up and talk with them the next day. Now there was a reason for Jason to get up and
do something—to help others.

Helping others ultimately led Jason on a search to find others to pay for the treatment they needed. Once he started getting a $560 disability check each month,
Jason began paying for therapy sessions for the
low-income gamers he was in contact with, people
who would have gone untreated without the financial help. Jason then started calling therapists directly, to setup payment arrangements with them and ask
them to consider going lower on the sliding-scale so
that his funds could stretch further and help even
more gamers he was connecting with online.

As a result of Jason’s dedication and efforts to help fellow gamers, Anxiety Gaming was founded as a 501(c)(3) Mental Health Non-Profit, committed to educating
and treating mental health issues within the gaming community. To date, Anxiety Gaming has helped 30,000 individuals improve their lives through the therapy they receive. In 2018, Jason re-branded the organization to Rise Above the Disorder to expand his mission of providing free mental health care with compassion and integrity to people of all backgrounds.

“One little action that causes a big effect!”

Previously known as Anxiety Gaming, here is a brief timeline of our journey.
We all know time truly shows how far we have come...

January 2013

Anxiety Gaming was was founded with a mission to
help those who are struggling with mental health.

March 2015

Anxiety Gaming received 501(c)3 status and is
officially recognized as a nonprofit organization.

March 2016

Anxiety Gaming hosted a charity event called Legends vs. Dragons where Imagine Dragons played face to face against 5 of the top League of Legends players. We raised over $125k and had over 100k viewers. This event is held as
the largest charity event on Twitch for many years.

January 2018

Anxiety Gaming re-branded to Rise Above the Disorder.
Rise Above the Disorder was born to offer help and
wellness to people of all backgrounds.

October 2018

RAD attended Twitch Con to spread
awareness about mental health.

January 2019

Started the #YouAreRAD campaign.

March 2019

RAD volunteer program, Positivity Squad, was established to give volunteer opportunities to help make a positive outlook within the RAD community.Whatever the case may be, our overwhelming love and support for many,we hope
to make a difference for someone’s day.

May 2019

RAD took the opportunity to create exciting campaigns to bring awareness to mental health. Each day, RAD sets up activities, campaigns, and resources to engage the community about the importance of well-ness.

Rise Above With Us

Learn more about the RAD Team, follow our efforts to change the world,
and join a community passionate about healing.

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