Who are We

Rise Above The Disorder, RAD, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to making mental health care accessible to everyone. RAD began when a group of gamers dedicated themselves on a mission to help one individual overcome depression. Since then, our community has grown to help everyone in need of support. 


With compassion and integrity our mission is to provide a free universal health care system for the wellness of all backgrounds.


We are a growing community that provides supportive, educational, and entertaining resources to people facing mental health challenges.


•  At RAD we strive to raise awareness of mental health disorder wherever we go.
• Our community is action-oriented.
•  Everyone at RAD is determined to provide accessible healthcare to those in need.
•  Here at RAD, we show integrity by always acting the right way towards others.
• For those who think they are alone, we want to give back through community involvement
• We show great acceptance to anyone’s story and background.
•  At the end of the day, RAD aims to give everyone a fun and light hearted experience.

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It began with helping one person in need to helping
over thousands of youth.

We use an integrated approach
to trauma-informed care.

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with the community.

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