Too many people can't afford mental health care.
You can help them Rise Above.

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Recent Streams for rAD

Checkout some of the recent broadcasts that have been hosted in support of RAD!

Official Trust In Rust Stream

On August 5th, 2020, the largest ever tournament in Rust took place. Congrats team catJAM on the win! Thank you hJune, Rustoria, and all of the rust community for coming together to raise over $25,000!

4hr 45min

Trainwreckstv Scuffed Podcast #99: Mental Health

Hosted by Trainwrecks & Devin Nash, this special episode on mental health featured our founder, Dr. K, MoistCr1Tikal, AbdouTooBeasty, AdeptTheBest, XQC, and Destiny. Over $15,000 raised!

4hr 12min

xQC, Wiz Khalifa, Trick2G, & Vikkstar Play Warzone

XQC, Trick2G, and Vikkstar smoke teams while Wiz Khalifa smokes blunts. XQC's viewers break the fundraising bar with mass donations.

1hr 10min

Recent Clips & highlights

Clips and highlights from some of our recent broadcasts.

Wiz & Friends: Harry Mack Attack

Harry Mack freestyles with words randomly generated on stream with unbelievable ease.


One Level 100 War vs One Hundred Level 1s

Nearly crashing the server with lag, Echo esports brings hundreds of level 1 trolls to fight their tank.

26 sec