Grant Program

Internally referred to as our grant program, this donor driven universal mental health care system empowers people from around the world to access the care they deserve.

For those who have the courage and strength to move forward on their journey to wellness, but are held back by the ability to pay, we invite you to our program.

Coverage includes therapy, medication, and even travel.
Accessible by anyone in the world.
RAD has saved families over $702M in care.
Who is eligible?
How to apply
Those who may otherwise be unable to afford the critical mental health care they deserve, as verified by our social work term.

If the only barrier between you and overcoming mental health issues is the cost, we’re here to help.
Fill out our intake and submit.

You will be contacted by our one of our social work members to begin creating a recovery plan.

Your journey to healing begins here!

Applications are temporarily closed.
We received a large influx of applications and want to make sure we help everyone in a timely manner while providing our highest quality of care. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Have any more questions that we haven’t answered? Please contact us.