Therapist Finder

Culturally relevant therapists -
LGBTQIA + affirming, millennial focused.
Personally matched making sure the
first therapist you see feels just right.
Tailored treatment plans take all of
the guesswork our of getting better.

Welcome to the RAD Therapist Finder. Within this program you'll have access to our dedicated team of social workers who will expend every effort to find you the best possible therapist to see in your area.

For those who are ready to start seeing a mental health professional but aren't sure where to begin or how to choose the professional to start seeing, this program is for you.

Who is eligible?
How to apply
Those who have access to insurance or the ability to budget between $30-$150 each week for treatment.

This is a complementary program for those who have access to resources but aren't sure where to begin. Those who are unable to access care due to having no financial resources should seek our grant.
Simply fill out our intake below. Our social work team will reach out to you for a follow up and to begin the healing process.

Please be mindful of any notices listed under the application button, as there may be a wait time.

Your journey to healing begins here!

Applications are temporarily closed.
We received a large influx of applications and want to make sure we help everyone in a timely manner while providing our highest quality of care. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


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