Stream Against The Stigma

Rise Above The Disorder began as a channel dedicated to sharing the importance of our mental health with the world. Our legacy of spreading hope, information, and support lives on through your channel.

1 Donation = 1 Help

No complicated math, no fractions of a dollar- 100% of your donations will go towards helping fellow gamers get the mental health care they deserve. We're in love with the idea that a single donation can impact the lives of someone on our friends list, a person we've matched up with in League, or someone we've upvoted on Reddit. At RAD, your donations make a real difference.

Together We Will Rise Above


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It's Time To Go Live!

Streaming for RAD has a direct impact on the lives of thousands within our programs. With 100% of your donations going towards the care programs, you're helping fellow broadcasters, viewers, and gamers all around the world. We love to keep broadcasting for RAD as simple as possible, so come by, snag a logo, and start changing lives.


The Stream Dream Team

Join an incredible team of people dedicated to spreading positivity across the globe. Our stream team is at the core of all of our broadcasting efforts, regularly streaming for the cause, helping to host fundraisers with other streamers, and keeping RAD relevant across all broadcasting sites. See you at TwitchCon!


Bringing Mental Health To The Masses

Twice a year, RAD members from all over the world get together to celebrate the importance of mental health. Join up with thousands of broadcasters to show your support on both May 15th and October 10th. May celebrates mental health month, with the 15th being the anniversary of our cause. October 10th is world mental health day.

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