We Are RAD

An entirely volunteer team, we have changed the lives of nearly 30,000 people across the globe. Sometimes manic, sometimes depressed, often anxious, each of us personally understands mental health issues. We enjoy talking to each other about our therapy sessions, sharing our struggles, and gathering every friday to play tabletop games.

Our Founder

A WoW Guild Raiding Healthcare

As a lifelong gamer, our founder turned to World of Warcraft to cope with his Agoraphobia. Unable to leave home, WoW became more than just a game, but a way to socialize, interact, and stave off the loneliness and isolation that came with his mental health issues.

5 years of battling with Agoraphobia may have shaped a top 5 Holy Paladin in one of the best raiding guilds in the world, but faced with the idea that he may never leave home again, our founder thought of leaving this life. Concerned that he would leave this world without adding to it first, our founder set out to convince just one other person to keep living. Naturally, gaming was the platform he turned to find the first ever user of our services.

Taken back by the experience of changing a life, our founder shouldered his mental health issues and set out to make sure that no one would suffer the way he did. Anxiety Gaming grew rapidly, helping thousands of people find their way to recovery and health, all through the power of gaming.

Determined to live the life he was preaching to others, our founder would eventually overcome his own mental health issues.

Our Ideal

Mental Health Is Our Everything

What would drive people to work thousands of hours without pay, to learn no trades, and constantly push ourselves out of our comfort zone? Each of us has our own story, our own dreams, but we share the belief that everyone deserves mental health care -and this belief can't simply just be talked about.