100% of your donation covers healing for people in need.

You can make recovery possible for people all over the world. Remove the barrier preventing millions from getting the help they deserve.

50% of people can't afford mental health care. We're removing the greatest barrier to recovery. Here's how!

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Universal Mental Health Care

Globally funded and globally distributed. We believe in a world where everyone has access to health, hope, and happiness. As simply as
possible, your tax-deductible donation covers the cost of therapy
for someone in need.

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Personalized Recovery

Though many of us struggle with mental health issues, each of our journeys is unique. RAD takes the time to personally find the best possible care local to you, saving you the stress and hassle of those challenging first steps.


Together We Will Rise Above

Entirely free mental health care, made available to anyone.

No insurance forms, no obstacles; Just empowering those fighting for
health and happiness by directly covering the costs.  For the millions
out there who dream of feeling well again, we make it a reality.


The amount
RAD has saved families


The Bill
Our patients RecEIve


The number
of people RAD has saved


The countries
Our team has aided


As a group of hardcore gamers, we're leveling-up healthcare. What began as a World
of Warcraft guild, that crowd funded the mental health care of its members. Since then
it evolved into an international effort to make mental health care free for everyone.

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Rise Above With Us

Learn more about the RAD Team, follow our efforts to change the world,
and join a community passionate about healing.

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