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Together We Will Rise Above

One of the greatest threats to society is mental health issues. Many struggle to keep up with their daily schedule, work and/or school due to mental health issues not having the resources or stigma surrounding getting help. The more conversations we can openly have about mental health, the better we can safeguard the younger generations.


Of youth
Reported Poor Mental Health


Of youth
Left without treatment


The average
Cost of treatment


Cause of
Student dropout in the U.S


We Rise Above because you helped us get to where we are today. Let's keep the momentum going and go beyond! Together as a community, there is nothing that will stand in our way.Down to the it all counts for something. That something is a future for universal mental healthcare.



We believe all should have a chance at expanding their knowledge. Come and explore the ins and outs as an intern at Rise Above The Disorder.

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Not all heroes were cape. Engage in your community around issues of mental health, spread awareness at conventions, and fundraiser for a cause. Get Involved today!

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Our Vision for

Universal Mental Healthcare

Mission in progress...

Every journey has to start some where. We climbed mountains, solved puzzle, and defeated many Final Bosses. However, we are not ready to stop just there. Reminisce our road map and witness what we may have for our future adventures. We look forward to sharing the memories with you!


All around the world, thousands of people have gathered to make sure that no one feels alone in their journey. We are dedicated to making mental health care accessible to everyone. Wherever you are in your journey, know that our team is ready to help you move forward.

This Month's Care Made Possible By:

Karen V.

Zachary Z.

Vivian L.

Sebastian A.

Raymond G.

Noah C.

Nicole Z.

Nate C.

Laura S.

Kyle W.

Kelly I.

Kathy C.

Justin M.

Justin A.

Josh H.

John S.

Joe T.

Graham J.

Grace C.

Elizabeth W.


Daniel S.

Dani T.

Christopher C.

Christian Y.

Christian L.

Avantika T.

Austin F.

Allison C.

Allison C.

Rise Above With Us

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