About RAD

Rise Above The Disorder, RAD, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to making mental health care accessible to everyone, everywhere. What began as one gamers mission to help just one person overcome their depression has evolved into a massive community seeking to help everyone in need of support. To achieve our goals, our community has created and sustained a universal mental health care system that is open to everyone.

As of 2018, we've helped over 28,000 people find the hope and happiness they deserve.

Together We Will Rise Above


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A Radical Approach To Healthcare

Our founder gave the little money he had to those around him unable to afford the mental health care they deserved. In keeping with this tradition, RAD raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to completely cover the cost of mental health care for all those in need. We believe recovery should be warm, welcoming, culturally relevant, and that ability to pay should never be a barrier to healing.


A New Generation Of Hope

Our team, focus, and culture is youth. Comprised entirely of young adults and teenagers, RAD is leading the charge in creating the world our generation wishes to live in. Our young professionals share their wisdom with college and high school interns, fostering an environment of self improvement and self empowerment. By focuses our efforts on helping fellow youth, we hope to create an era of self actualization.


Together We Will Rise Above

Our global message of hope unites thousands in support of your recovery. We believe that no one should suffer alone, so our members rally around each other in times of need. Sharing stories, creating local meet ups, and providing free group therapy meetings are just some of the ways our community is rising above.