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For those hoping to feel well again, you make it possible.

Every donation we receive opens the door for people around the world to access critical mental health care.

If you believe in a world where everyone has access to the hope, health, and happiness they deserve, You Are RAD. For just $30 a month, you can join the You Are RAD movement to help people around the world feel well again. Your $30 monthly donation covers an entire week worth of therapy, empowering those in our program on their journey to recovery.

You will be the reason they start treatment today.

"It wasn't just the therapy you provided. It was the hope. I've gone to everyone in my life and watched them fade away... tired of me not getting better already. Thank you for refusing to give up on me, even when I gave up on myself. I don't know where I'd be without this." - Ashton K, Texas

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How Your Support Makes You RAD

“When I lost my insurance, I had no idea how I was going to continue taking my meds. It keeps my bipolar disorder in check. I was so scared of what would happen. Thank you for helping me get my medication.”

“Today I start therapy. I'm nervous, but I'm ready. I know it'll be hard and I know it'll be worth it. I'm reminding myself of this while sitting outside the therapist office. You got me here and I'll always be grateful for this.”

“You were right! Of course you were. It's just that only a month ago I couldn't go a day without having a panic attack. I never saw a future where I wasn't anxious all the time. You knew it would get better and it is.”

Frequently asked questions

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Where exactly does my donation go?

That's an important question! To put it simply, 100% of your donation is going to be used to cover the cost of mental health services for someone who may otherwise not get the care they need. This is made possible by the support we receive from our partners and board members.

More specifically, every dollar we receive is pooled into an account we have set up entirely for mental health care. If someone leaves a comment specifically stating they don't want medication covered, or they really want to see their donation go towards certain mental health issues, those donations get tagged as such. As our team accepts people into the programs, we create unique treatment plans that may be as simple as seeing a therapist for therapy, or as in-depth as needing to cover transportation to and from care, medical doctor visits, group therapy, or even partial hospitalization. Your donations are exactly where we go to cover the cost of what our clinical team and those in need agree will be the best possible support.

How does my donation help people internationally?

That's one we see asked a lot! Although many countries are adopting or have long maintained a national health care system, wait times to access covered services can range from weeks to well over a year. Our team will help people navigate and access the most available resources or use donations to help cover the cost of private care that is available. Additionally, for countries that do not have access to a national health care system, our system works the same as it does throughout the U.S.

Now if you're curious how it's possible for RAD to see people outside of the U.S, that's a matter of contracting care. If our team can find a good therapist in Brazil, for example, we will connect all of the dots and provide digital payments directly to that therapist on someone's behalf.

What can I do to raise funds for RAD if I'm unable to donate?

A perfect question! For those unable to donate but want to support RAD in covering the cost of mental health care for those in need, we encourage you to explore live-streaming and peer-to-peer fundraisers. These empower your family, friends, and those you've not yet met to support your efforts.

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